Design ideas to consider for your new modern dental office
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20 Office Design Ideas for the Modern Dental Practice!

Office Design Ideas

20 Office Design Ideas for the Modern Dental Practice!

Every dentist’s dream is to have a visually appealing dental office with modern design and aesthetics. A brand-new office with an exceptional design can be a great business decision for a dentist. A dental office with a distinct design could help it stand out from the rest of corporately-owned practices. The dental office should be designed in such a way that it should reflect the brand, values, and connection to the community. This blog will discuss 20 office designs for a modern dental practice. 

Reception area

Display artwork from local high school students in the reception area

Suppose you are about to design a dental office. In that case, you can show respect to your local community by associating with local high schools and displaying their artwork made by students in the reception area. Thus patients can have a unique experience while waiting for the appointment.

Rustic modern design

Give a rustic modern design to the dental office that is welcoming but stylish and comfortable. It should also display the personality and warmth of the dental office. 

Jungle-themed reception area

Visiting a dentist can cause anxiety, fear, and nervousness in many children. To make the children feel comfortable and relaxed, dentists should try giving a jungle-themed reception area. For your child, it will be fun wherein they can play in a children’s area that is surrounded by a canopy of realistic trees. 

The underwater theme for the pediatric dental office

By decorating the walls based on underwater themes such as various types of fish, scuba divers, and ships, children will like to see those images, which are informative and visually appealing.

Beach theme for dental office

Filling the dental office with beach-themed decor is yet another dental office design idea worth considering. The dental office should feature miniature lighthouses and walls having paintings of coral, aqua, light gray, and purple. 


Windows in front of the dentist’s chair

Not every patient would want to be staring at a wall while in a dentist’s chair during a procedure. Placing a window opposite the dentist’s chair can give the patient interesting views of the outside and provide natural light. The outdoor views inside the dental office can be crucial in keeping the patient calm and relaxed. Not only is such a design beneficial for patients but also for staff members who otherwise will have to spend the entire day working inside the dental office. 

Color-themed operatories

Children can have a fun time watching it in a dentist’s chair by giving various splashes of color in the operatories. Color-themed operatories match pediatric dental offices the most. 

Natural wood theme

Natural wood theme is also a popular dental office design idea. The wood theme gives patients a relaxed and comfortable feel.

Employee areas


A boardroom is necessary even in dental offices. It is a perfect place for team meetings and strategy sessions. 


Dental offices are for employees also and not just for patients. Including a lounge and providing lockers will help employees safely keep their belongings at the time of work. 

Maintain uniqueness

Many doctors care deeply about the look and feel of their dental offices. You can include the elements of your family life, career, and personal interests to make your dental office look unique. 

Children’s Area

Virtual game room

There is no better way to keep the children engaged than by placing a virtual game room wherein they can play soccer and other fun games. Thus they can play the games of their choice until their parents or siblings finish their appointment with the dentist.

Children’s Den

A children’s den filled with toys can be one of the best places to spend time waiting for an appointment.

Children’s underwater playground

Making the reception area visually appealing with touch screen video games, side, tunnel, captain’s wheel, etc. can become a fun area for kids to entertain themselves. 


Brand new dental office

Building a new dental office that caters to your unique needs and requirements is always better. It allows you to create the perfect space for your dental practice. Look for some reasonably-priced land in great locations wherein you can build your dream dental office.


Sometimes, you may not have to build a dental office from scratch. Instead, you can find a space that might only need a renovation to transform into a dental office. 


Expansion of the existing dental office is yet another way to make it more spacious and visually appealing. It is desirable to expand the dental office in phases so that it does not have to be shut down during construction. 

Temporary offices after natural calamities

One may have the permanent dental office damaged due to a natural calamity. One way to keep your business running would be to set up a temporary office till the time the new space is being built.

Selfie wall for happy patients

There is no better way to feel good about yourself than having a selfie wall in the pan room of the dental office. 

Include locally-inspired logo

It would be great if you could include a locally-inspired logo for your dental office. It also shows how dedicated you are to the community by being an integral part of it.

Try to include those, as mentioned earlier, 20 dental office ideas if you plan to construct a new dental office. You can get in touch with the best dental office construction companies to know about various other dental ideas.