3 Steps To Home Buying With the Intention To Renovate
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Buying an existing home & making it your own.

The Modern Dental Office - Home Buying Renovation

Buying an existing home & making it your own.

Homebuyers have been patiently waiting for the right time to buy. Deciding to wait has
allowed them to save up for a more substantial down payment resulting in lower
mortgage payments.  There seems to be a new wave of homebuyers looking to take advantage of a great deal. However, you’ve
looked at dozens of homes, but none of them feel right and the floor plan does not fit your

Your Realtor keeps showing you home after home and it’s no where close to
what you are looking for and none of them have the amenities on your wish list
that you’ve provided to your Realtor. But don’t be discouraged. Whether it may be a larger
more sophisticated kitchen, or changing the floor plan, there is always something about the
house that you the buyer wished were different. With Domani’s tailor-made renovations, you don’t have to settle for somebody else’s
bad taste.  Through a strong devotion to business model fundamentals, Domani Construction &
Development Inc., operates from a solid foundation of superior construction knowledge when it comes to purchasing and renovating existing homes.

3 Steps To Homebuying With Intent To Renovate:

  • Once you have narrowed down a home that mostly meets your needs, it’s time to discuss your wants.
  • Call Domani for a free consultation to visit your potential property to discuss what can and can’t be done utilizing the most cost effective solutions to execute your wish list.  Whether your list consists of renovating a bathroom, kitchen or knocking down walls for a more open floor plan, Domani’s team of knowledgeable contractors will inform you of what can realistically be accomplished according to your budget.
  • With this knowledge you will have an accurate vision of what can be achieved and how much it will cost, allowing you to possibly roll in the renovation costs into your mortgage through your preferred lender.

Call us today for your free consultation.