How can I improve the appearance of my reception area?
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Things to Enhance Your Dental Front Office

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Things to Enhance Your Dental Front Office

Most patients are aware that they have a growing number of treatment alternatives and are not scared to employ them. Good patient care is rarely adequate to attract and sustain a consistent patient load. Patients expect you to make an impression on them. Whether you run a dental or healthcare facility, don’t underestimate the potential of a visually appealing greeting area to provide your patients with the wow factor they expect.

What is the significance of the reception area?

It’s the first thing your patients notice when they walk in. Often, the initial impression is the most lasting. Although we refer to it as the receiving area, it is also the waiting area. While waiting for time to pass, patients are more likely to notice characteristics such as color, wood trim, and chairs. Patients are prone to form opinions about the facility’s equipment and services based on their views in the reception area. Are there spider webs in the ceiling’s corners? Patients are more prone to believe that medical equipment has not been thoroughly sterilized. Is the paint chipping, and are the photos out of date? Patients may conclude that the practitioners are providing archaic care. Patients must have a positive initial impression for them to reach a favorable conclusion.

How can I improve the appearance of my reception area?


Adequate illumination helps keep your reception area from appearing drab. Consider window or skylight location in addition to electric lighting. According to a professional journal, “natural lighting is airy and restful.” Sufficient illumination will assist your patients to form a favorable opinion of your office.


Colors can influence people’s emotions and perceptions. To make your patients feel more at ease, try including soothing colors such as grey or green. Colors that excite, such as red, should be avoided. To avoid an “institutional” feel, you may want to consult with a skilled construction team while selecting colors.

Materials and Design

The style and materials you use in your welcome area will subconsciously influence your patients’ perceptions of your clinic. Some materials, such as glass and chrome, may send a message of coldness and hardness to your patients. Softer materials may convey a more positive message. Wallpaper with a busy design may conjure up images of chaos or make patients feel nervous. A neutral color palette with a few flashes of color may be more appealing to patients.

Control of sound

While in your reception area, patients employ all of their senses and create judgments based on things they cannot see. The sounds of medical or dental equipment in use are not at all soothing. The sounds of conversations, even if muffled, can cause patients waiting in the reception area to be concerned about their secrecy. To assist your patients to relax, consider employing sound-absorbing walls and strategically placed speakers to play music.

We hope that this blog will assist you in achieving your objectives. Looking for the best people to renovate your welcome area in Homer Glen, IL? Schedule a consultation with The Modern Dentist and choose from our extensive list of services. If you need any additional information, please contact us.