Pure Design Dentistry - Domani
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Pure Design Dentistry

Pure Design Dentistry

After careful consultation with designer Antonio Pio Saracino, the mind behind the Hero and Superhero Guardian statues in New York, The Modern Dentist went to work on the construction. With attention paid to every detail, our design/build team was able to bring one of our most unique dental offices to life.

Aesthetics and design have been merged with modern construction techniques to transform a dental office not only to a more inviting space, but into a work of art as well. With the idea of ribbons descending, the office space took a life of its own.  Curves flow, doors blend seamlessly into the cashmere wood walls, and the result is a breath-taking space.

Project Details

  • Architect Cooperation
  • Modern Boutique Feel
  • Interior Designer
  • Creative Modern Aesthetics

“We were excited to get started with this project.  Knowing that we were about to create something completely different and challenging made this project even more exciting.  The space is amazing and we have received many compliments from patients and people walking by the office.”  It was a pleasure working with Pure Design Dentistry.